Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system consists of home running all the communication cabling to one centralized panel which acts as the distribution center.  This includes the telephone cabling, computer network cabling and video cabling.


 Telephone cabling, which is 4 pair category 5, supports multi-line voice communication, high speed computer modems and integrated phone systems. 


Video cabling, which is RG6 Quadshield, supports all in-home video distribution including CATV, digital satellite and HDTV signals.  The computer network system supports multiple computers and peripherals sharing one common internet service provider, DSL modem or cable modem. 

The structured cabling system for your home can be designed around your family's communication requirements for telephone, video distribution and computer networking and may even include front door camera or door phone.  A well designed and properly installed structured cabling system will provide an infrastructure to support future communication requirements and assist in long term resale value.