Digital Satellite

A Digital Satellite System (DSS) allows receiving a digital quality audio and video signal for television viewing.  DSS is very popular in areas where cable is not available or when a digital quality signal of programming is required.  New services are providing local channels and DSS programming which can eliminate requirements of having an additional local antenna system.  The two major DSS service providers, Dish Network and DirecTV, offer comparable programming cost, hardware, and installation promotions.  Package pricing includes multiroom receivers for independent channel viewing.  Cabling requirements for either service provider is the same, four RG-6 coaxes (minimum) from the dish to the multi-switch, and coax cable from the multi-switch to each receiver outlet.  Each receiver outlet should include a telecom outlet for receiver verification and pay per view programming for movies and special events.  A multi-satellite dish is required for receiving all programming options.  It is recommended to determine desired HDTV requirements and independent channel viewing locations throughout the home when planning your DSS and video distribution system.