Home Theater

Today's audio and video equipment is becoming more affordable and allowing every home to have options for a media or theater room.  The Home Theater in your home may be the main entertainment center location.  Wood cabinetry may be used to add character to your wide screen display and house your audio components and speakers.  Properly positioned surround speakers and a universal remote control make it your media room or home theater.  With the right selection of audio/video equipment, you may forget you are in your recreational room during the movie. 

If your Home Theater includes dedicating a room for media or theater, there is more consideration and planning.  The theme of the theater room becomes the focus during all aspects of room design and architecture.  Options for video projection, screen, speakers, processing equipment and seating are included in the theater theme.  Requirements for the optimum performance of audio and video equipment are designed into the architectural plan.  Each theater room requires its own solution for acoustic treatments, noise control and lighting options.  The result is a real theater room, for movie experiences that will place you within the movie and a user interface for unsurpassed ease of use.