Home Technology refers to the home electronics dedicated to providing residential requirements for communications, entertainment, convenience and security.  Each family differs in their interest levels and priority for audio, computer networking, home theater and security. 


If communications is important, a well designed and properly installed structured cabling system should be planned.  Consider in advance the placement of all electronics requiring communication:  telephones, TVs, computers, broadband, modem and audio components.  The appropriate cabling should be home run to a centralized location which would act as the distribution hub for incoming services.  It is recommended that you have wired for telephone, video and data to each room of the home. 


The telephone system should be wired to any locations where telephone would be anticipated.  Even with popularity of handheld wireless phone, it is still recommended to be prepared for the next generation of phone systems.  The video system delivers signal to your TV locations throughout the home from your input choice of cable television, digital satellite or local antenna.


The home computer networking system allows connection of multiple computers for sharing information and peripherals (i.e. printers, etc.).  One of the advantages of an in-home network is to share one common internet service provider; DSL modem or cable modem.  Multiple computers connected to the internet at the same time will provide a convenience and flexibility the whole family will enjoy. 


The audio system allows music listening throughout the home.  Main activity areas like kitchen, hearth room, living room, master bedroom and deck are individually zoned, with each room having a volume control.  A single source system provides the same music to all zones and remote controlling can provide basic audio system control, On/Off, Volume Up/Down and Input Selection.


A family’s music preference may require a multi-source audio system allowing sourcing different inputs to individual zones within the home.  The kitchen could be listening to the CD player while the MBR listens to the Tuner.  Controlling the system is achieved by wall mounted keypads within each zone.


The main entertainment center of the home should be considered for both video and audio expectations.  This may be your main location for TV viewing, home theater movies, or listening to your favorite music with the best system in the home.  A serious commitment to a home theater may be allocating the appropriate floor space, design considerations and budget for a theater room.  It is recommended that you consult with a professional audio/video installer who is experienced in design and installation of theater rooms.  The home theater theme and design considerations are important for a home theater that delivers real theater experiences.


Home Technology Systems, Inc. is a single source solution offering professional design and installation of home electronics for communications, entertainment and security.  Custom services include design, prewire and installation of structured cabling systems for telephone, computer networking and video; security systems; multi-room audio systems; home theater; lighting control; and systems integration.