A security system which is monitored will dial out to SecureNet when an alarm condition occurs.  Upon receiving the signal at SecureNet, their operator calls the premises to verify the alarm condition.  If the phone is busy, or no one answers, or someone answers who cannot produce the password – the authorities (i.e. Police or Fire) are dispatched.  If the alarm was accidental, it is canceled by answering the phone and producing your selected pass code. 


False alarms are defined by the security system alarming and police or fire responding to the home and a real alarm condition has not occurred.  The City of Wichita has a false alarm ordinance which will charge you a fee on the second false alarm of the year.  All monitored security systems must be registered with the City of Wichita and a fee of $10.00 is assessed for the alarm registration.  A copy of the specific guidelines of the false alarm ordinance should be provided by the security system installation company.